Lumen Vietnam Fund

Lumen Vietnam Fund

VietNam Holding Asset Management (VNHAM) has acted as an investment advisor to the Investment Manager since 2013.

The Lumen Vietnam Fund is a UCITS compliant Vietnam equity fund domiciled in Liechtenstein.

Asset Manager: 

AQUIS Capital, Zurich, Switzerland.

Fund Administrator: 

IFM Independent Fund Management AG.

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Investment policy:

The investment objective of the Lumen Vietnam Fund is primarily to achieve a long-term above average capital gain. The Lumen Vietnam Fund invests in equity securities and rights (shares, shares with warrants, etc.) of companies which have their registered office or the predominant part of their economic activities in Vietnam or which, as holding companies, predominantly hold participations in companies with their registered office in Vietnam and which are traded on a stock exchange.

The investment strategy aims, among other things, to ensure a high compatibility with sustainable economic growth in order to achieve the financial objectives of long-term capital gain. Companies that contribute to sustainable economic growth are characterized by good corporate governance, a sustainable product portfolio and efficient use of resources. In the traditional analysis, the asset manager considers environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria in its investment decision to assess sustainability risks and opportunities.

Key fund information

Monthly comments, May 2024.

Monthly Comment for May 2024

JUNE 2022
«Investing in Growth & Seeking Value in one of Asia’s Most Dynamic Economies – Vietnam”.
On April 28, Hubbis held a virtual thought leadership event that focused on the rise of investment opportunities in Vietnam. Partnering Hubbis for the event was sole sponsor AQUIS Capital from Zurich. Click on the link for the full article.
Click on the link for the full article.

MARCH 2022



We are happy to inform you that our Lumen Vietnam Fund is celebrating its 10th year Anniversary.
We are proud of this achievement and are excited for the future milestones.
A big thanks to our investors for believing in us, our team’s dedication that has made this company thrive and our business partners who supported us during these amazing 10 years.

“Our team proudly shares the Lumen Vietnam Fund – No. 1 in Germany as the best performing fund by Citywire. Click on the link for the full article.

“Our team is proud to share the LVF is placed 8th as the best performing fund by Das Investment, click on the following link for more details” Die 15 besten Fonds des Jahres 2021 (

“Vietnam benefits from
uncertainty around China.”
Mario Timpanaro, Manager of Aquis Capital’s Lumen Vietnam Fund, believes the Southeast Asian country is only at the beginning of a prolonged catch-up process. Click on the link for the full article.

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