The Company


VietNam Holding Asset Management (VNHAM) was established in 2006 as an investment management company focused on Vietnamese equities. It maintains high quality staff in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. Its strength lies in a combination of experienced local financial talents and seasoned global executives and directors.

VNHAM’s mission is to generate high risk-adjusted returns by combining rigorous financial analysis with interactive sustainability research. This results in a comprehensive and skilled view of Vietnam equity universe from the perspective of both well selected local information and international sustainable investment standards.

VNHAM is strongly committed to Vietnam’s continued economic and social development. It places great emphasis on quality corporate governance, a high standard of business ethics, and the further development of its own team of professionals and Vietnam’s business community. VNHAM applies a proprietary analytical approach which combines a disciplined value approach with inter-active environmental, corporate social responsibility, and corporate governance (“ESG”) research. Its board members and senior advisors are actively engaged in this ESG program by actively and regularly engaging with top executives of investee companies. This top-level engagement program is a key component to obtain buy-in from portfolio companies’ executives to the ESG principles.

VNHAM is managed by a team of locally based professionals, and a board of directors based in Asia and Europe.