Vinamilk, a Vietnamese top brand in liquid milk for many consecutive years


For many consecutive years, Vinamilk is the leading company in producing liquid milk in Vietnam, according to Nielsen Vietnam. In such a rapidly growing and highly competitive industry, what are the factors that help Vinamilk maintains its No.1 position, especially during the turbulent time caused by the Covid-19 pandemic?

Vietnam’s dairy market is increasingly diversified in terms of product types, however, liquid milk and powdered milk remain the two largest sectors. It can be said that Vinamilk has posted comprehensive growth in both these sectors and led the market for many continuous years.

In its portfolio, Vinamilk currently has nearly 250 products of all kinds, with the liquid milk accounting for nearly 50 types of products that meet almost all nutritional needs of consumers.

Vinamilk’s Chief Marketing Officer Phan Minh Tien said liquid milk is a key product that the company has focused to invest in. Apart from ensuring the quality and high nutritional value of its products, Vinamilk will concentrate on diversifying liquid milk products so as to serve customers of all ages, segments and selectively developing high-end products.

“At the same time, Vinamilk will continue to develop its dairy farms with the world-top quality standards and scale so that it can actively secure fresh and nutritious ingredients with outstanding quality. This serves as a factor that helps Vinamilk to enhance its competitiveness in this industry, especially with imported products”, Vinamilk’s representative added.

Vinamilk has recently launched many new products with unique innovations, covering all segments from medium to high-end.

Besides introducing new products, Vinamilk has focused on promoting its “signature” products such as Vinamilk 100% Fresh Milk by changing the packaging, diversifying flavors, launching low-sugar and skimmed milk products, etc.

Developing dairy farms in both quantity and quality

With taking the lead in the liquid milk market for years in a row, Vinamilk has proved its right direction in being proactive in the raw milk ingredient by scaling up the dairy cows, simultaneously improving the output and quality of raw milk.

Vinamilk‘s dairy cows now can generate more than 1 million liters of raw milk per day. The system of 13 farms has been unceasingly expanded, invested, and applied with 4.0 technologies that meet standards such as Global G.A.P or EU Organic. It is expected that by 2022-2023, the total number of dairy cows managed by Vinamilk will reach 170.000.

Vinamilk has recently developed an ecological farming model called “Vinamilk Green Farm” with three farms located in the provinces of Thanh Hoa, Quang Ngai, and Tay Ninh. With this model, cowherds enjoy a naturally friendly living environment.

“Vinamilk Green Farm” has provided raw fresh milk for Vinamilk Green Farm products which have recently been launched and belongs to the high-end segment. This product is expected to be a “new wind”, contributing to consolidating Vinamilk’s leading position in the liquid milk industry.

Broad and multi-platform distribution system

Consumers’ purchasing decision is mainly based on shopping convenience, particularly in fast-moving consumer goods, drinks, and nutritional products. According to an annual report published in late 2020, Vinamilk’s distribution system currently has as many as 240,000 traditional retail outlets and 7,800 modern ones. These figures are expected to increase in the time to come.

Its distribution system named “Giấc mơ sữa Việt” (Vietnamese Dairy Dream) has recently exceeded 500 stores in all 63 provinces and cities.

In addition to liquid milk, Vinamilk has also been a market leader in drinking yogurt and condensed milk.

In the context that the dairy industry posted negative growth due to the impacts of the Covid-19 epidemic, Vinamilk has still achieved positive business results. The company climbed 6 places to rank 36 among the top 50 dairy companies in the world.

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